Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year, and Cheers to the Year Ahead!

From our home to yours, Happy New Year!!!

We rang in 2014 at home last night, just the four of us, with an EPIC sing-a-long and dance party! Our playlist included: Don't Stop Believin', Chicken Fried, Step It Out Mary, Life is a Highway, Where is the Love?, Toes, Ain't Nobody Got Time for That, and Party in the USA. It was such a fun night, complete with some neighborhood fireworks! We celebrated Irish New Year at 6pm and PA New Year at 11pm before the kids called it a night. Then Martin and I rang in 2014 at Midnight Texas time, ready to embrace the next year of our lives together. 2013 was quite a year, and we can't wait to see what's in store for us in 2014! Bring. It. On. 

We wish you all the best in the year ahead! Cheers to focusing on what matters most and making your dreams come true!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas from Team Fogarty!!!

We wish you a Merry Christmas! 
We wish you a Merry Christmas! 
We wish you a Merry Christmas 
and a Happy New Year!

With Love, 
Team Fogarty

Martin, Amber, Grace, & Colin

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The 12 Days of Christmas: June 2013

Team Fogarty's 12 Days of Christmas rolls on today with our favorite moments from June 2013, an absolutely EPIC month in our lives!

June was simply unforgettable! We spent the first 10 days of the month with family in Ireland, and it was THE BEST! Can't wait to go back again :-) We also celebrated Father's Day and honored the AMAZING Dad that Martin is to Grace and Colin!

Grace and Melissa = Cousins and Instant Best Friends
Grace and Vicky at Grace & Melissa's Birthday Party
Aunt Caroline and Grace at the big party!
Beautiful birthday girls, Melissa (5) and Grace (6)
Family pic "up The Vee," one of the most beautiful views in Ireland
Grace, Melissa, and Amber
Martin, Mam, and Dad
Melissa, Grace, and Martin in front of Our Lady of Knock
Liam and Martin (Liam's Uncle and Godfather)
Grace and Daddy at The Vee
Martin, Amber, Vicky, and Caroline at The Hermitage
Grace at the Rock of Cashel
Amber & Martin at the Rock of Cashel (an updated version
of the same picture we took here 8 years ago)
Mommy and Grace...isn't the view amazing?
Colin making a wish at the Rock of Cashel
Colin scoping out the view from the Rock of Cashel
Family picnic outside Cahir Castle
Amber and Martin with Cahir Castle in the background
Martin, Colin, and Nanny
After the picnic with Cahir Castle in the background
Going fishing with Grandad on a very sunny day in Clogheen
Aunt Mary and Martin
Martin and his buddy, Eamon, who hosted an awesome
BBQ for us :-)
Grace at St. Patrick's Well
Jennifer, Dad, and Martin at St. Patrick's Well, where we had a
family picnic and enjoyed the perfect weather!
Colin and Grace checking out the Bunmahon Beach
on the southeast coast of Ireland
Grace LOVED the beach!
A reminder from Amber to Martin :-)

Conor's 11th Birthday Party!
Dad, Willie, and Martin at Conor's Birthday Party
Gerard, Martin, and Tommy at the party
Mam, Marie, Martin, and Aimee
Martin and his niece, Michelle
Nanny and Grace in the final days of our trip
Final day fun at The Hermitage
Martin and his sisters:
Jennifer, Martin, Caroline, and Sharon

The Grandkids:
Back row: Liam, Michelle, Conor
Front row: Colin, Grace, Melissa, and Sam
Martin with his siblings, our kids, and their kids
Nanny and Grandad with their 4 kids and 7 grandkids
Grace is 100% Daddy's Little Girl!!!
Happy Father's Day, Martin!
Grace and Colin worked hard on cards for Daddy for Father's Day
God Bless our Irish Dad!
A Father's Day gift for Martin of pictures of him with his
fantastic Dad :-)

We appreciate you reminiscing with us! The 12 Days of Christmas continues tomorrow with our top moments from July 2013 :-) Stay tuned...

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The 12 Days of Christmas: May 2013

Today we continue Team Fogarty's 12 Days of Christmas, highlighting our top memories of 2013, with the amazing month of May!

May was a month for the record books, as we celebrated Mother's Day and Amber and Grace's birthdays, had the final t-ball game of the spring, enjoyed Grace's Kindergarten Graduation, and set off on our journey to Ireland with a stop in Philly on the way! Reuniting with our precious family made this month one we will always cherish!

Grace at the playground sporting her new dress and headband
Colin showing us how brave he is at the playground
Grace sporting her face paint at the Fine Arts Festival at school
Colin jammin' on a road trip to Waco
Grace rockin' out with her new headphones
Colin was called in to play in Grace's last t-ball game since
they didn't have enough players...he rocked!
Grace after a big hit in her last t-ball game of the season
Colin's up to bat!
Bri, Grace, and Coach Rob after the last t-ball game
Grace and her t-ball medal :-)
Celebrating Mother's Day with sweet homemade gifts from the kids
Mommy adores these two!!!
Mother's Day picnic at the park on a gorgeous day
Enjoying some yummy cake to celebrate Mommy's birthday
Disney on Ice was EPIC!
Grace on stage at her Kindergarten Graduation
We are very proud of our Kindergarten Graduation!
First Grade, here she comes!
Grace was honored with the Spirit Award at the last
Mass of the school year!
Happy 6th Birthday, Grace! We love you!
Amber with friends, Megan, Nancy, and Chela from her year
at Andre House in Phoenix
Grace's birthday party at Aunt Joanne's in Philly
(during a layover on our way to Ireland)
Grace & Colin enjoyed their time with family in PA
Grace and her great Aunt Pat and Uncle Robin
Amber, Grace, and Aunt Joanne who hosted a wonderful party
for us during our stop in Philly
Amber with cousins Adam and Mike and Mike's wife, Ashley
Our first glimpse of Ireland from the airplane
We made it! Welcome to Shannon, Grace :-)
The birthday girl is reunited with Nanny and Grandad
Daddy and Grace...Irish eyes are smiling!
Colin took no time to start wrestling with his cousins, Liam and Sam
Colin digs Sam's 4-wheeler!
Grace and Melissa were instant BFFs!!
Colin and Sam chillaxin' and watching a DVD
Martin, Nanny, and Grace on the way to Parson's Green
Martin and his Dad at Parson's Green in Clogheen
Colin and Daddy enjoying the beautiful day
Mommy and Colin at Parson's Green
Grace, Colin, and Sam = Cousins and Buddies :-)
Grace is quite the adventurer!
Martin gives his Dad a push on the zip line!
Even Colin took a turn on the zip line!
Grandad, Grace, and Martin
A family boat ride at Parson's Green...Martin used to drive this
boat when he was younger. It was one of his first jobs!
Saying hello from the carriage ride!
Amber and Martin on Mam and Dad's back porch
in Clogheen
We had a fun night out with Vicky, who came in to visit from England, and Jennifer
Thanks for coming along for the ride! The 12 Days of Christmas continues tomorrow with our best memories from June 2013 :-) Stay tuned...